Wed (even periods)/Thur (odd periods)

-Read section 1.4 (latitude and longitude)
-Label answers to "Phase 2 Questions" on "Cities Around the World Map"
-Answer "Phase 3 Questions" using "Washington DC and Surrounding Area maps"
Map of room due by Monday!

Tuesday 8/13

Read pp.11-13 and write DEFINITIONS only for four GeoTerms
Look at map of Marshall Gold Discovery... Park carefully
-Answer questions 1-6 using the map.
-Write your answers for questions 1-6 on your map (the one labeled 1.3 Map Titles and Symbols).
-the book, map questions, and your map are all in the document above (you will need to scroll)

Monday 8/12

5 Themes of Geography
-Complete 5 Themes table
-Watch 5 Themes of Geography video
-On the back of your 5 Themes table, answer FIVE 5 theme application questions
Collected paper at end of class TODAY

Friday August 9

Social Studies Pre-Test: What has shaped the world to be the way it is?
This won't influence you class grade (even though you might see a score on your mobile device)
Enjoy your first weekend!

Homework Thursday 8/8

Take home Team Navigator letter and share with parent(s)/guardian(s)
5 Themes of Geography
Complete first two columns of 5 Themes table
-watch 5 Themes of Geography video

Homework Wednesday 8/7

Welcome to Team Navigators
Share class letter at home with parent(s)
Get supplies (spiral for my class, colored pencils (8+), binder or section in a binder for my class


Welcome to Team Navigators at Cresthill Middle School!

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